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Website Content & Design


When you think of the Website for your organization, you start imagining its Design, UI/UX, Layout, Imagery and what not. But often the most integral aspect, “The Content of Your Website” is the one which gets neglected. You already know that, this is the reason why you are here.

We aim to understand the DNA of your organization before commencing work, we want to know your business model, your marketing strategy, your presence, your dreams, and your vision and even more importantly we want to know you. When we know everything about you and you know all about us, the relation transitions from a mere professional to personal one. This is the reason why we are not your content development agency; we are your content buddies.

Our Inimitable Approach at “The Communication Hub

For each and every organization, the process of developing a website is one of the most challenging ones. You want your website to be your greatest asset, but when it comes to its development, there are at times unlimited options of design which overwhelm you and the technological aspect is vague enough to drain you. In this whole hustle between design, technology, language, platform and many other aspects, your content loses its significance and so does your website in the long run.

We have broken down the process of website development into three categories.

  • Design
  • Content
  • Code

The look and feel of your website must be a mirror to the brand image and perception you want to create about you brand in the mind of your target audience. Moreover, the content should be compelling enough to engage them and make them feel your uniqueness and your own vibe. The code is the tech part which combines design and content, but your target audience is not interested in it. Often emerging entrepreneurs give too much emphasis to the code and the result is that they have a spectacularly functional website which fails to have a design which is synergy with their brand and content which could engage their audiences.

We at The Communication Hub focus immensely on the Design and Content of your website and your Website Developer would work only on the coding aspect. Our Client Servicing Team would take all your requirements in terms of design elements and how you want your website to look and feel. Then our designers would design the layout and each and every page of your website while our content team would create riveting pieces of original content for your website. The end result would be a document which will have everything and even more than that, which you just need to send to your developer and we will work with the developer on your behalf to get your website ready exactly the way you imagined it and conceived it.

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Corporate Newsletter

Organizations often try to commence operations with bare minimum, some succeed while some don’t. Communicating through the traditional methods in a completely innovative manner is how corporate relations are not only made but more importantly sustained in today’s fast paced competitive business environment.

As the founder, you aspire for your organization to become a valuable brand someday in the near future. Turning an organization into a valuable brand requires enormous amount of efforts into corporate communication and marketing communication activities. This is where it becomes vague and confusing, as blogs and social media marketing attract more interest than newsletters. This is a myth, a corporate newsletter going out monthly or quarterly is more significant than a blog or a social media post. It is a curated piece of content which allows you to tell your story in a completely subtle and informal manner. There is no call for action for the reader and it is about engaging with the audience than converting the audience.

The Communication Hub Factor

We try to curate a corporate newsletter which interests your target audience to read your story. The four pillars of a successful and fascinating corporate newsletter are:

  • Short
  • Unique
  • Minimalistic
  • Honest

We combine design and content together in such a manner that your newsletter’s design speaks about you and the content speaks about what you are doing that is extremely beneficial for your target audience. Our approach to newsletters is all about sharing the stories that matter.

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Award Nominations

You and your team knows the amount of hard work and investment you have been putting into your organization, but the rest of the world has no or limited idea about it. Awards are pivotal in garnering recognition for all the good work your organization is doing; they are of extremely high value and significance. Yet, there are only a limited few who give the desired importance to awards and they are the ones who reap the benefits out of it.

The founders and the whole team at most of the organizations are usually stretched in terms of resources and it becomes extremely hard to find and dedicate key resources to an indirect branding process like award nomination. This is where “The Hub” will take care of these extremely critical communications functions for your organization. We will identify numerous awards relevant to your organization as per your industry, geography, target audience, financial position and your aspirations. Our Corp Comm Team would then commence the process of drafting the nomination documents necessary for the awards and will coordinate with the relevant organizations to ensure that your nomination receives the best in class attention. If all is done the right way, your organization will soon receive an award and you or someone from your team would need to be at the award ceremony for which we will manage every single detail.

The real work starts after winning the award as publicizing the victory is as important as the victory itself.

Company Profile

There is a prevailing misconception that the content on your “About Us” page is your company profile. A company profile is like a boiler plate which is used across all forms of communication when a summary or brief description of your organization is required. While on the other hand, the “About Us” page is more about telling your whole story, from your beginnings to what you are trying to accomplish along with your Vision and Mission Statements.

The Communication Hub Advantage

The greatest challenge in writing the company profile is the limitation of words. It has to be short, crisp, clear, understandable, emotional and engaging. All of this at the same time requires an extremely high level of proficiency in language and content development along with thorough understanding of your organization, your brand values, your target audience and your near term and long term objectives. We never aim for a call to action in a company profile, it has to have a subtle and direct tone of voice which should be in synergy with your organization’s tone of voice and must achieve a single objective of leaving an impression in the conscious as well as the sub-conscious mind of the reader.

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Corporate Presentation

Businesses survive and thrive on presentations. Organizations prefer be the rebels but their founding document, the business plan is also a presentation. As a result, there is no need to preach about the importance of a corporate presentation for your organization. You already know that it is the most important presentation for your organization.

The Communication Hub Difference

Your corporate presentation must deserve even more importance than your website, it is the document which differentiates between a just another company and the emerging brand. We perceive your organization as a brand and on that basis we draft the content for your presentation in which each and every aspect of your organization is included – the idea which brought your organization to life, the inside story of the founder/s, the individuality of your organization, the uniqueness in your services/products and most importantly the emotional connection.

Business Reports

Reports are an integral function of business operations for every organization. When an entrepreneur commences operations, only a few are aware about the plethora of business reports they would require and would need to create for efficient operations of the business. There are some reports like the annual report and feasibility report which are well known, others like yardstick report and compliance report rise up on priority when their need has reached up to the extremely urgent category. The different types of business reports we can create for your organization are:

  • Periodic Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Situational Reports
  • Investigative Reports
  • Analytical Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Yardstick Reports

The Communication Hub Factor

Each report is different from the other, which requires the writer to take into account the different target audiences of the different reports as well as the tone and approach towards writing these different reports. While most of the business reports are absolutely formal and require informative and interpretative tone of language to be used, some are informal as well and require a more direct and clear tone. We analyze these differences and on the basis of this our writers create reports which fulfill the needs of the target audience in the most effective manner possible.

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Business Plan

If you have founded an organization or you are planning to do so, you must have realized that the business plan of your organization is the most significant document you have ever prepared or you will ever prepare. Yet, many entrepreneurs prefer to write their business plans on their own and as a result, most business plans fail to meet the bare minimum expectations of angel investors and venture capitalists. A business plan could be considered as an equivalent to Bible for your Organization and requires professional and expert communication team to help you in drafting it.

The Communication Hub Difference

Every organization comes up with a different idea, it has its own USP but just having a USP is never enough to get the necessary amount of funding. A business plan must be written in an extremely professional manner while taking into consideration all the different aspects of the business. The layout, the data, the language and the whole presentation should be exhaustive so that when you present the B-Plan to a prospective investor you know you are going for a win. This confidence in your business plan comes when you have the communication hub as your communications partner for your organization.

Media Relations

We all complain or have complained about the type of news which is aired on television news channels or published in newspapers. Journalists follow a predefined methodology in which they give a lot of importance to administration and the rulings of the court to gather information. As they are the focal points of news for them, but in today’s contemporary business environment, news pertaining to businesses is being heard by major newspapers and TV channels. Even as a organization, you can aim to get featured in the news but it primarily depends upon the type of relation you have with the Journalists.

The Communication Hub Factor

As a leading communications company, we have focused immensely on creating, nurturing and sustaining impeccable relations with media personnel. This allows us to provide the best opportunities for our clients to get featured in mainstream TV news, newspapers, and magazines and also on new media. We follow a unique approach in which our exhaustive media list covers media personnel from across the different categories of industries; as a result your organization can get maximum coverage by partnering with The Communication Hub.

Stakeholder Relations

As an organization enters the growth phase in the business lifecycle, the need for effective management of relations with different stakeholders increases substantially. Apart from your customers and investors, there are numerous other stakeholders in your organization like vendors, different interest groups, industry bodies to name a few. The inability to effectively and regularly communicate with these stakeholders may cause unforeseeable complications which become even harder to get rid of as time passes by.

How The Communication Hub can manage it for you?

The information exchange must be regular and seamless between the organization and the different stakeholders so as to maintain supportive and friendly relations with the stakeholders. Yet, as the top management of organizations is often occupied with managing the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the organization, this aspect gets neglected or loses priority. As a result, the long term process of brand building suffers. We would work on the communication messages which are to be sent to the different stakeholders and would devise your communication strategy in such a way that stakeholder relations stay at the top of the priority list.

Media Buying

Media buying is a complex and complicated process where most of the organizations tend to lose money. As a result, the founders of organization prefer to take the online route than the traditional media route. The online or digital marketing is a necessity but when it is done in synergy with traditional media, the impact is exponential. If your organization follows a B2B business model or a B2C business model, the choice and preference of media would change accordingly along with the cost associated with them. The decision of the number of ads in different media outlets requires in depth understanding of the target audience of each of those media, so that you reach your target audience while paying the minimum price possible for those ad spots.

The Communication Hub Difference

Our Media team keeps a track of different media vehicles on a daily basis and negotiates with them about the price for ad spots on bundled offers. This is the reason why we can get you ad spots at the lowest prices while performing the analysis of which media outlets would best suit your organization

CSR Activities

The term corporate social responsibility is usually associated with corporations and organizations rarely focus on CSR. The importance of CSR is not only about giving back to the society and community but more importantly it establishes an organization as brand. CSR is one key function which differentiates a brand from an organization. Yet, the major obstacle is about the crunch of resources and funds which hinders CSR initiatives.

The Communication Hub Factor

A simple yet functional and effective CSR strategy could play a critical role in shaping the brand position for an organization. We can help you in formulating such a CSR strategy which uses only a minor portion of resources and gives returns in the form of communication materials for your marketing initiatives. As people love those brands which are considerate and show empathy, a CSR activity which could add these brand values to your organizations will enable your growth in a much better way.

Corporate Affairs

As each and every organization continuously interacts with the external environment, it pivotal for a organization to be an active member of the community by being associated with different industry bodies. These institutions keep the interests of all their members at the top of their priority and work with government and other institutions in shaping the policies which impact the organizations in the industry. CII, FICCI, NASSCOM, AIMA, AIAI and ITPO are some of the few renowned bodies and for every industry there are numerous trade and industry bodies.

The Communication Hub Perspective

As a founder of an organization, you primary objective is to manage the business and strategic direction of your brand. We understand where your time needs to be dedicated and this is the reason why we offer our services to take care of all the nitty gritties from membership to participation on your behalf. This would allow you to save substantial amount of time and efforts which you could use where it would offer the highest returns.

Communication Messages for Senior/Top Management

Managing a growing organization needs immense efforts as the number of functions and variables increase exponentially along with expectations of different stakeholders. The founders and the members of the senior management of your organization would need to allocate their time to draft and write their messages for press releases as well as for other publications. We understand that you are an expert of your field but writing effective communication messages is a different ball game all together.

The Communication Hub Factor

Our dedicated team of writers would be available for you full time to manage and create communication messages for you as when the need arises. It can be a message in a press release or it can be your preparation for a key interview with a leading magazine, we will keep your communication covered for you.