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Product Descriptions

Every single product based organization needs to give a description of its product to its customers. More than 99% organizations give descriptions of their products in such a boring and monotonous manner that customers are rarely interested in going through product descriptions. The aspects of product descriptions pertaining to compliance could be kept monotonous and boring but you also have the freedom to tell your story to your customers using product descriptions.

The Communication Hub Difference

We at the communication hub believe in doing the ordinary routine things differently so that they don’t remain ordinary anymore. They must become extraordinary. When we were working on our list of services to be offered, we came across product descriptions and found them as an extraordinarily innovative space for brands to tell the story behind their product. Every organization has its own story and so does the product you are offering to the customer. In order to engage with the customer, you have to be honest and approachable to the customer. A product description which tells how the product came into existence, where you are creating that product and why you are creating that particular product and why you think the customer should purchase your particular product are all some ingredients for a perfectly engaging product description.

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Terms & Conditions Agreements

Although we are a marketing and corporate communication company, we do like to dabble in different things. Terms and conditions agreements are usually prepared by lawyers and legal writing teams of law firms. So we thought can we do it? We tried a few and found that law firms are actually plagiarizing terms and conditions agreements, they are not writing original piece of content. So we decided that we will do it as we believe that if you are paying for an original piece of content even if it is a terms and conditions agreement, you deserve a completely original terms and conditions agreement.

Case Studies

There are only a few tools which are a part of corporate communications and capable of showcasing the value brought by a product or service in a comprehensive manner. Most of the tools like product descriptions and public relations have a limitation in terms of the amount of description or detail that could be provided using that particular tool. Case studies on the other hand are extremely important as they allow an organization to showcase what its product is capable of and how its product has brought value in the lives of customers. The same could be said for service based organizations as well. Case studies are even more important in today’s knowledge economy as knowledge or intellectual property could not be tangibly showcased to a client. This is the reason why case studies play a vital role as a means to showcase the capability of a particular service along with its track record of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

The Communication Hub Difference

Our approach at the communication hub involves using case studies as a means to showcase the capabilities, results and performance of your products and services in a comprehensive yet attractive and engaging manner. In order to make this happen, we work along with your team to understand what your product is all about, how it has been used by your customers and clients and how they have benefited from your product or service. On the basis of this discussion and understanding of your product or service, we commence our process of drafting a comprehensive and exhaustive case study about your product or service. We don’t just stop right after drafting the case study; we see it through as well. When you avail our award nomination services, we use these case studies in the nomination process of various different industry relevant awards and conferences. This not only allows you to create an intellectual asset out of your product but also allow you to use this asset for the purpose of increasing brand awareness and retention.

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Public Relations

If there is any aspect of marketing and corporate communications which is exceptionally hard to tangibly describe, it is the function of public relations. The probability of you winning a lottery is much higher than the probability of getting a satisfactory answer from any PR specialist about what he or she actually does. The reason is simple enough; PR is all about doing everything that a corporate or marketing communications company can do, without actually being accountable in a direct manner for those activities. Their primary job is the same as that of lobbyists in the US or the UK. But in India, they are in bed with the journalists and government officials as lobbying is not a separate industry in India, Public Relations could be considered as an equivalent of lobbying in our world.

The Communication Hub Difference

Yes, we are different from the rest of the PR agencies because we are not a PR agency and we do not consider PR to be that huge or large of a sector in the economy which could be sustained on its own without blurring the lines between PR, Marketing Communications, Corporate Communications and Lobbying. We consider PR as a tool of corporate communication in which you dabble with the sentiment of general public or the relevant stakeholder using unpaid form of media coverage. Now as paid news is gaining popularity and it is becoming harder to differentiate between a real newspaper article and a paid one, the aspect of unpaid media coverage using influence and education about a brand or product or service is losing popularity. As a result, many companies are more inclined towards paid news article as compared to unpaid ones, but this is where the communication hub creates the difference. We not only try to get you the most effective place and position in the media but also get much different ways of publicity which haven’t been tried before. For instance, there is a popular column and it is being read by your target audience on a regular basis. They trust the columnist and the newspaper has no direct say in the topic about which a columnist decides to write about. This is where we come in, we identify the columnist your brand could be relevant to and then we give him or her, a glimpse of your products or services and the brand which allows us to become a bridge between you and the columnist. Soon the columnist may publish a column talking about your product or service or brand. This is actually what PR is all about in our opinion. It is about influencing in the most subtle manner possible.