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Internal Communication


Internal Newsletters

Usually internal newsletters are given least amount of significance when it comes to the gamut of communication. Yet, on the contrary internal newsletters are extremely important for all the organizations as they play a subtle but immensely vital role in shaping the internal organizational culture while driving engagement amongst the employees. Internal emails and the grapevine are usual ways for the employees to know what is actually going on inside the various different departments of a company. But they are not as effective and leave a lot of room for speculation. Every seasoned entrepreneur or businessman understands the perils of speculation very well. As a result, an effective tool of communication must be used to improve engagement amongst the employees and to mitigate the risk of speculation amongst the internal set of stakeholders.

The Communication Hub Perspective

The reason why an organization which aims to be amongst the leaders in their industry must strive for employee engagement and mitigation of speculation amongst employees is that it hinders efficiency and productivity. Moreover, if you fail to communicate effectively with your employees, it could give rise to an environment of uncertainty which eventually leads to higher level of attrition. Once attrition tends to increase above a certain threshold, the cost associated with human resource and talent acquisition also increases. The broader effect could be summarized as a subsequent deterioration in the performance of the organization. To avoid such a grim scenario taking place in your organization, we suggest at least a quarterly issue of internal newsletter and if possible a monthly issue. A regularly issued internal newsletter plays a critical role in making the human resources who are in fact your employees and people who care for your organization feel a sense ownership. This creates a positive ripple effect which in the long term resonates in the performance, culture and the bottom line of your business.

Employee Engagement Programs

The primary challenge which organizations face in today’s age of information is associated with the lack of ownership amongst the workforce or employees. Everyone likes professionalism, but ownership is something organizations strive and crave for. An employee, who is professional but has a sense of ownership towards the organization where he/she works at, is far more beneficial to an organization than an employee who has no sense of ownership. This is the reason why in many industry conferences and seminars – attrition, employee engagement and ownership are being discussed more often than ever before.

The Communication Hub Approach

Our belief at the communication hub is simple and straight forward. We believe that nothing could change the perception or the thought process of your employees towards your organization overnight. Every solid and concrete change in terms of culture and human perception takes time and effort. Incremental efforts and activities which aim to solve the problem play a vital role in reshaping organizational culture. Employee engagement programs are usually treated as once in a year programs like family day or annual festivals or group luncheons or company sponsored team trips, the list goes on and on. But one company cannot spend so much on internal recreational activities. This allowed us to think differently and change our own perception towards employee engagement.

We realized that employee engagement has been mislabeled into the category of recreation where organization has to spend a lot on items which don’t have any predictable return on investment. But what if, you can change it from recreational activities to productive engagement activities?

The whole game would change, the most important aspect is to understand and evaluate who craves for what? We observed that some people crave for money; some crave for respect, some like popularity and some like recreation. So, why not give them those incentives without giving them the option to choose amongst them. Those who prefer money could be incentivized in monetary terms, those who crave for respect could be given a chance to spend a working day with the VP or the MD or the CEO of the company. There are numerous innovative ways you can drive employee engagement without actually investing heavily into it.

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Internal Social Network

There are only a few companies which are able to take advantage of platforms like yammer made for internal social networking for employees of a particular organization. Usually companies are quite skeptical of the benefits of an internal social network. Considering the fact that it is intangible in nature, it becomes hard for marcomm executives to justify the investment of time and resources into an internal social network. Yet, just the way it is exceptionally hard to tangibly define the benefits of organizational culture, in the same manner the contribution of internal social network in forging an environment of mutual trust and openness amongst employees should not be understated.

The Communication Hub Perspective

The greatest challenge in managing organizational culture arrives in the form of grapevine. As an organization is made up of people, it is immensely important in our opinion to understand the behavioral aspects of the workforce. The formal means of communication don’t give any scope for grapevine, but informal communication takes place at every level in an organization. Internal social network, if built and applied effectively could lead to a substantial decrease in negative grapevine as this is where people can discuss about various different things in an open and trustworthy environment.

Companywide Announcements

Often there are numerous announcements which have to be made by an organization to different stakeholders. Some of the announcements are aimed towards the employees; some are aimed at the press while many are aimed towards the investors or the government as well. Those organizations which don’t have a corporate communication department struggle in finding the right tone, language, mood and words for drafting an appropriate message. As a result, each message seems to be coming from a different person and the voice of the organization diffuses somewhere in between.

The Communication Hub Difference

Just like every person has his/her own language, accent and tone when it comes to communicating with others, in the same manner, organizations have their own voice which must be consistent when it comes to sending a message to a particular stakeholder. When the writers of the messages change often, the voice also changes and as a result, if you look at the press releases or announcements of a company over a period of 2-3 years, you will find substantial inconsistency in its messages. We at the communication hub understand the importance of consistency when it comes to the voice of your organization and your brand which has prompted us to create a special service for this particular requirement of yours.