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Local SEO Services for Local Businesses


As an owner of local business in India, you have limited number of channels to leverage for your marketing activities. Online Marketing and Local SEO has empowered millions of local businesses across the world. In India, those Local Businesses who have already adopted Online Marketing are already benefitting from it. Are you a local business owner? Are you still waiting to take a decision on online marketing? Local SEO Service is the most critical service you will require for strong and powerful online presence.

What is Local SEO Service?

Local SEO Service is a way of SEO Marketing which is primarily useful for local businesses. There are many businesses which are limited to their geographic location. Their products and services are deliver locally within the limits of city or a specific region. In order to gain new customers, you must leverage the power of Local SEO Marketing.

Definition of Local SEO:

It is a service that enables local businesses to make their brand visible on Google Local Search Listings. It allows local businesses to reach out to new customers in a specific city or place. Many customers in your city are looking for products or services similar to yours.


Local SEO gives you the opportunity to get listed at the top of Google Search Results. This in turn enables the customer to reach out to you and you get a new lead. This whole process is called inbound marketing. It is an integral part of inbound marketing for local businesses. This is the reason why any local organization planning to have higher sales must invest in it.

What is involved in Local SEO?


  •         Business and Customers belong to the same city or region
  •         Leveraging Google’s Location Service for accurate targeting
  •         Listing as Local Business on Google Business Listings
  •         Higher Ranking Translates into Higher Footfall
  •         Low Investment, Higher Returns

Who requires Local SEO Services?


As the best local SEO service provider in India, The Communication Hub provides Local SEO Services to Local Businesses across India. Is your business dependent on customers of a specific location? It is high time for you to think about leveraging online marketing as a key tool of marketing.


The reason being that when you are procrastinating your decision, your competitors might not be procrastinating. They might be busy catering to new customers they have found through local SEO. It might even be the case, that those new customers of your competitors might be your stolen customers.

If you are a Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Pub or Club (Use Icon of Hotel or Restaurant)

The Local SEO of your Website must be performed regularly and effectively as customers keep visiting new places. You might have great food, powerful ambience, amazing music and what not, but if you are invisible online, your customers might be invisible to you as well.

If you are into Health and Beauty Business (Use Icon of Health or Beauty Salon)

Your customers may visit you regularly, but what about those who have not heard of you. Word of Mouth can only do its own bit, while Local SEO is substantially powerful in reaching out to those customers who are looking for your services.

If you are into Real Estate (Use Icon of Real Estate)

Your property is located in a certain region, but your clients might be from anywhere. Local SEO Service provided by The Communication Hub enables you to reach out to your target audience without even breaking a sweat. The results of our SEO Services make us the Best SEO Service Provider of India.

If you are into any type of business which is dependent on location (Use Icon of Location)

Just like you, your business is one in a billion. But still, it depends on customers and gaining new customers on a regular basis is critical not only for survival of the business but more importantly to see the business flourish. Local SEO is opening a whole new door of opportunity for businesses in India.

Are you Leveraging Local SEO for your Business?

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Why Local SEO is Essential for Local Businesses?


Do you want to grow your business? Are you looking for new customers? Are you afraid of your competitors rise? There can be many reasons behind choosing Local SEO. But one particularly critical reason behind its requirement is that every business has a need for customers.

Each and every business needs new customers to stay profitable. But where can you market your local business?

But the cost associated with each of these is quite high. Moreover, all of these are a part of outbound marketing methods.

Local SEO is a critical element of inbound marketing which is completely opposite to outbound marketing. The leads that you generate through inbound marketing are much high quality as compared to outbound marketing. It gives you leads that want to convert into your customers.

What are the Benefits of Local SEO Services?




Local Business have struggled in marketing themselves for a very long time. They enjoy the advantage of local presence and reach. But this advantage is becoming more of a disadvantage in today’s virtual world. It is an opportunity for Local Businesses to leverage the power of Google and Search Engines. Local Businesses can now reach out to everyone in their city or region at a substantially lower cost.




The 9 Key Benefits of Local SEO Services as found out by The Communication Hub are:




How much Local SEO Services cost?

Local SEO is not like a newspaper or magazine advertisement. It is completely different from traditional marketing channels. There is no fixed cost associated with it.

“That’s Why The Communication Hub’s Local SEO Service is 10 Times Lower.”

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) from Local SEO Services?

We at The Communication Hub specialize in working with small and medium size businesses or enterprises (MSMEs) in India. We understand the fact that Local Businesses lack the resources that large or mid-size enterprises have.

 In order to bridge the gap, The Communication Hub offers tailor made, completely customizable low cost Local SEO Service Package.

 The Return on Investment is more than 100%. If you will invest 1,999 in SEO your leads will increase by more than 400%. Your sales will grow by more than 200%. We are the first SEO Company which is capable of successfully quantifying the ROI on SEO. (Highlight)

“It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there.” – Mia Hamm

What should be the duration for Local SEO?

Local SEO is a continuous process. The way Mia Hamm precisely described it, SEO requires more effort to stay on Top of Google Rankings. This is the reason why you must keep working on your SEO consistently without any break.

If you are planning to commence SEO for your Local Business, you must commit to a minimum required duration. There is no ideal duration for the initial commitment. But it will be really helpful for you if you commit to SEO for at least 6 months.

Even if you hire some other Local SEO Expert. Here are some Tips & Suggestions for effectively managing SEO from The Communication Hub:


  •         Have at least 6 months of initial commitment to Local SEO
  •         Do not go full burst initially on Local SEO
  •         Invest Wisely and gradually increase your budget
  •         Analyze the Reports minutely
  •         Stay in Touch with Your SEO Expert
  •         If anything goes wrong – Contact The Communication Hub’s SEO Expert

How to start Local SEO for a local company?

No Worries. Our SEO Expert Will Guide Do the Handholding.