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Marketing Communication


Blog Content & Design

The greatest challenge every founder of a organization has to face is about the lack of traffic to the website. You have got a great website but you are not able to bring in much of traffic. The answer to traffic woes is in the form of blogs. Your own dedicated blog acts as the engine for your website; it plays the most critical role in bringing traffic to your website. Those organizations which fail to utilize blogs suffer the consequences in the form of lost business opportunities as their prospective customers don’t even know that they exist.

The Communication Hub Approach

Every other website starts its blog section but only a few become information centers. The key to a successful blog is consistency and perseverance. There are some blogs which are written beautifully but fail to attract much of traffic while there are a lot of other blogs which are written casually but attract a lot of visitors. There are numerous factors which impact the performance of a blog like search engine ranking, optimization, social media sharing and impact of influencers. We believe in writing blogs about those topics which are extremely relevant to your industry, services and products in an informative manner so that they subtly introduce your brand to the reader.

What is Blog Marketing

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Brochure Content & Design

The brochure is the most widely used form of print communication still relevant in today’s era of information. Even though, the presentations sent via emails have become extremely important, but the significance of brochures has increased substantially as well. As those businesses which have been a part of the unorganized sector are becoming a part of the organized sector of the economy, brochures play a vital role in reaching out those who are not much tech savvy, but immensely business savvy. Moreover, hard copy of documents and marketing collaterals still have a lot of charm and class, which soft copy presentations lack to a certain extent.

The Communication Hub Difference

There has to be something different in your approach or methodology which makes you stand out. This statement is what we believe in when it comes to each and every single service that we provide. The content of your brochure is something your target audience is going to read through, but they will do it only when they feel attracted by the design and layout of the brochure. This is the reason why unlike all the other content writing and communication companies, we have opted for a combined package for brochures. We create the design as well as the content of your brochure, so that there is more synergy and cohesion in the way message is crafted and displayed.

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Email Cover Letters

Letter writing was once considered as a form of art and today there are not many who still treat letter writing as an artistic piece of work. The significance of letter writing may have decreased, but the importance of cover letters for emails has increased immensely. When it comes to marketing communication, a carefully drafted cover letter of an email becomes extremely significant as it holds the power to not only attract but captivate the reader to open and read the attachment sent along with the email.

The Communication Hub Approach

The whole play out of marketing communication email cover letters hinges upon five particularly important emails.

  1. Introduction Email
  2. Follow Up Email
  3. Proposal Email
  4. Negotiation Emails
  5. Closure Email

Apart from these five there are many more emails which an organization sends to its customers or clients or other stakeholders. We believe that every piece of communication going out of your organization needs to have a voice which is absolutely original and must signify the culture, identity and belief of your organization in a consistent manner.

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Sales Pitches

Once the role of the marketing department comes to an end, the sales department must take over and follow due processes, procedures and diligence. Yet often companies focus on the broader and strategic aspects of marketing and sales to such an extent that they end up neglecting the very core of sales. We all know that “Sales” is more about interpersonal relationship than about anything else in the world. A personal repo with the customer or client can take you further ahead than a superior product.

The Communication Hub Perspective

Our firm belief is that each and every member of your sales team must follow a predetermined and tested sales pitch during the cold calls and throughout their meetings with prospective customers and clients. You must have visited different automobile showrooms numerous times, there is one particular thing which is absolutely common at all automobile showrooms. They have a very similar sales pitch. All the sales representatives introduce their products in a similar fashion, ask for your requirements, needs, suggest the car, provide a test drive and try to close your sale as early as possible. But on the very other hand, sales representatives or business development executives of small companies have different sales pitches from one another, and there is often a lot of difference in the sales pitch of representatives within a company itself. This takes away consistency and reliability which are critical when it comes to closing a sale. We offer our sales pitch service in which we create the flow and the whole pitch for your sales team while working with you and train your sales team as well in terms of how they should deliver the given sales pitch.

Product Emails

Emails are one of the greatest inventions of the information age. Not only because they made instantaneous communication between people possible, but more importantly because emails opened the doors of a brave new world for marketers. Today, email marketing is an indispensable marketing tool which is exploited to the maximum level plausible by large marketers. But small and mid-size companies are also using it the way they can. Product or service emails which not only inform your target audience about your products or services but can attract and foster engagement are critical towards achieving success in digital marketing. Yet, there are two different types of inefficiencies where organizations either don’t focus on the content and design of the emails or they focus too much on it and lose out on the frequency of emails.

The Communication Hub Difference

There is an enormous amount of difference which could be created by creating the content and design of emails in such a manner that it allows you to leverage your own brand identity, culture and product offering without losing the most important commodity, called time. This is the reason why we work not only on the content but also the design of your product or service emails while keeping it all on schedule as per the marketing plan you have. So that your emails reach your target audience regularly and the content and design is such that it attracts and engages your customers.

Product Presentations

If your company has only one presentation which you use in every single piece of communication with your target audience, then you are definitely losing out a huge opportunity of leveraging the ability and power of content marketing. The presentation you give to investors would be different from the one you give to your vendors and the same would be different from the one you would give to your prospective clients. As a result, each and every presentation must be crafted, customized and conceptualized as per the target audience it aims to engage with. As a result, we have categorized the different types of presentations as different services which are targeted to different stakeholders.

The Communication Hub Approach

We at the communication hub have our own indigenous approach towards the whole process of creation of presentations. First of all, we meet and brainstorm and then discuss with you and your team about the overall objective of the presentation, take your branding details, your overall market strategy and each and every piece of information which is relevant to the presentation which needs to be prepared. On the basis of this discussion, our design team commences its work on the design, theme and layout in terms of the visual elements and the graphical details of the presentation while in the meantime our content team writes; proof reads, improvises, edits and polishes the content of the presentation. In the final stage, our editorial team puts the content and the design together to create the final product which is capable of providing the desired result and outcome from your target audience.

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Marketing Plans

The very plinth of every process of execution is planning. For instance, big budget Hollywood movies spend 80% of their time in pre-production which could be considered as an equivalent of the planning stage. In the same manner, organizations often neglect the importance of thorough planning and jump right to the production or in this case to marketing. Both the traditional as well the contemporary schools of marketing have been placing enormous amount of emphasis on marketing plans. The reason is simple enough that marketing plans act as the roadmap for all marketing activities and provide a yardstick to put in place control measures which could be used to keep a track of the progress made by those activities.

The Communication Hub Perspective

We at the communication hub believe that discipline and consistency lead to favorable and strong results. The fundamental process that enables an organizational effort to achieve success remains the same. Formulation of a marketing plan is one such fundamental process which needs to be performed meticulously in order to achieve desired outcomes. An organization that spends a lot on marketing activities but invests a meager amount in formulation of a marketing plan for those activities is destined for failure. While on the very other hand, an organization which invests diligently on both, the marketing plan as well as the marketing activities or initiatives is bound to succeed in the long term.

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Sales Presentations

The primary difference between a corporate presentation and a sales presentation is very simple. A corporate presentation gives details about your company and your brand and just introduces your products and services. While on the other hand, a sales presentation is the one which plays an extremely critical role in making the sale happen and closing the deal. As a result, both of these presentations require a completely different tone of voice, language and choice of words along with a different set of graphical and visual elements.

The Communication Hub Factor

The aim of each and every piece of communication is different from the other. This difference needs to resonate in the piece of communication which is going out to your different stakeholders as well. There is only one way to achieve that and it requires creation of dedicated content for every piece of communication. We at the communication hub understand and firmly believe in this principle. This is the reason why sales presentation needs to be different from corporate as well as product presentations. The primary objective of a sales presentation must be direct and straight forward, which requires the presentation to have all the details which your prospective customer must need to make a decision and then also provide details about why you are the best option your prospect has to achieve what he or she wants to achieve. The sales presentation must contain all the details that are required to close the deal so that the process of closure could be completed much quickly and save a lot of time and resources in the process.

Advertising Relations

This is one service which is not expected to be a part of a content writing company’s list of offerings. But we have included it in our list of offerings because we are not a content writing company. We are in the business of communication and advertising is one extremely significant type of communication which requires to be taken seriously. The popular belief is that advertising is useful only for large or mid-size companies. But we believe differently.

The Communication Hub Difference

We at the communication hub have a firm belief that whatever is popular won’t necessarily be true. It is a myth that advertising usually works only for large or mid-size companies; rather it works much well for organizations and other type of organizations. The primary reason behind this is that usually when one thinks about advertising, people tend to think only about television or newspapers. In today’s age of information, there are numerous other avenues and channels available which can be leveraged via advertising. The digital world is one such extremely important place along with magazines specific to trade and industry. Moreover, if your target audience is concentrated in a particular geographic region, local FM radio stations or internet radio stations could also be very useful. It depends on how you leverage these options and what kind of a deal you can create, which in turn depends upon the type of relations you maintain with them. As a result, the significance of advertising relations has increased significantly in last 5 years.